Position Description: HR Director


CONCORDIA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL NINGBO seeks candidates for the position of Human Resources Director.   The Human Resource Director reports to the principal and is responsible for planning, implementing, directing and maintaining the School's personnel services; serving as a resource, and maintaining staffing to ensure that personnel functions conform to accreditor and provincial and national requirements. 

The HR Director acts as an advisor to administrators, managers and supervisors on issues related to employee discipline and employment for the purpose of ensuring consistent application of policy. You will administer a wide variety of personnel policies and programs (e.g. orientation, contracts, compensation schedule, etc.) for the purpose of conforming to School policies, relevant laws, contracts and agreements. You will maintain and administer professional association agreements for the purpose of ensuring personnel practices are in compliance. 


The mission of CONCORDIA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL NINGBO, is to provide a rigorous globally focused education that fosters inquiry, knowledge and compassion, and nurtures the pursuit of life-long learning.


  • We inspire students to reach their potential by developing their unique talents and skills through a challenging and quality international curriculum.
  • Our School continuously strives for excellence in teaching and learning by providing a supportive and caring learning environment which encourages compassion, co-operation and respect among nationalities, cultures and individuals. 
  • We focus on the development of the whole child, and each child. 
  • We prepare students to be future ready.
  • Our caring, compassionate setting for learning stimulates student self-confidence and independence at all developmental stages.
  • We prepare our students to be world citizens. 
  • Our school will become known as the premier international school in Ningbo and will set the standard for quality international education in Zhejiang Province and beyond.


We believe:

  • All students should be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Students have a right to an education that enables them to develop their academic potential, self-esteem, and self-confidence.
  • Students should have access to a quality curriculum and instruction program that develops critical thinking skills and scholarly achievement. 
  • Students, teachers, and parents should work in harmony to ensure each child’s educational growth and personal development. 
  • Our classrooms are a positive and supportive learning environment focused on the whole child.
  • Our school is a place where families, students and teachers can develop and share achievements together. 


  • Advises the Principal on a variety of employment topics/concerns for the purpose of ensuring he/she is current on relevant concerns. 
  • Assists the Principal and Staff in selection of new Administrators and/or transfer of existing Administrators for the purpose of ensuring positions are filled by the individual that best meets the needs of the School.
  •  Audit departments/school sites for the purpose of ensuring human resources practices are implemented as directed by school procedure, provincial or national policy and/or accreditor regulation. 
  • Collaborates with other School administrative personnel for the purpose of implementing and/or maintaining services and programs. 
  • Collaborates with the Principal for the purpose of assisting negotiation of labor agreements, developing proposal, recommending negotiation strategy. 
  • Coordinates and participates in School insurance advisory committee for the purpose of ensuring communication regarding insurance information/concerns occurs between administration, employees and the provider.
  •  Develop, plan and evaluate HR procedures and policies for the purpose of ensuring department is operating effectively and efficiently. 
  • Develops staffing proposals, for the purpose of meeting school goals within budget considerations. 
  • Directs annual production, distribution and payment set-up of wage documents (e.g. contracts, wage notices, letters of assurance) for the purpose of ensuring employees are paid per the wage document and as directed by the Governing Board. .
  •  Establishes procedures and policies to check that certificated staff are properly certified per national and accreditor regulation. 
  • Directs compensation and benefit programs for the School (e.g. classification of jobs, payment of wage, health insurance, open enrollment, worker’s compensation) for the purpose of ensuring School is in compliance with applicable state and federal regulations. 
  • Directs international and national employee background and fingerprint process for the purpose of safeguarding students and ensuring School is in compliance with applicable state regulation. 
  • Directs employee benefit programs  Directs overall substitute-teaching program for the purpose of ensuring adequate teachers are available daily.
  • Directs preparation of payroll file for the purpose of ensuring payment of wages each pay period. 
  • Directs recruitment functions (e.g. development of application, policies, procedures, training, supervisor orientations) for the purpose of ensuring that selection procedures comply with applicable local and national and accreditor regulation. 
  • Directs workers compensation program for the purpose of ensuring all work-related injuries are properly reported, employees receive necessary safety information, medical treatment, and are returned to full work duties as quickly as possible. 
  • Implements personnel policies and programs for the purpose of conforming to relevant laws accreditor regulations, contracts and agreements.
  •  Interprets Governing Board policies, state and federal regulations for the purpose of of ensuring the School is in compliance with overall human resource practices.  Collaborates with Legal Counsel on areas that require legal interpretation. 
  • Investigates grievances and/or complaints from employees (e.g. sexual harassment, pay and/or assignment disputes, etc.) for the purpose of reaching resolutions that provide a healthy work environment. 
  • Maintains and monitors position control for the School for the purpose of ensuring full time employee allocations are within the School budget allocations. Manage day-to-day operations of Human Resources area (e.g. administers methods, systems and procedures) for the purpose of maximizing efficiency. 
  • Manages employee health/accommodation requests for the purpose of ensuring a healthy work force is available to the School. 
  • Manages multiple Human Resources database systems (e.g.  Time-keeping/Payroll, Substitute Teacher database) for the purpose of ensuring systems are functioning, providing accurate/timely information, and performing the intended service. 
  • Monitors all employee appraisal processes and teachers on plan for improvement for the purpose of ensuring highly qualified staff are retained by the School in compliance with regulation and policy. 
  • Oversees a wide variety of personnel processes (e.g. recruitment, selection, hiring, etc.) for the purpose of filling openings with qualified personnel and ensuring compliance with School, state and/or federal requirements. 
  • Prepares a wide variety of written materials (e.g. reports, memos, letters, policies, School calendar, etc.) for the purpose of documenting activities, providing written reference and/or conveying information. 
  • Recommends policies, procedures and/or actions for the purpose of providing direction for meeting the School’s goals and objectives.
  •  Researches a wide variety of information (e.g. current personnel practices, policies, codes, laws, etc.) for the purpose of providing information, recommendations and/or addressing a variety of administrative requirements. 
  • Supervises department personnel (e.g. recruitment, interviewing, evaluating, supervising, etc.) for the purpose of maintaining adequate staffing, enhancing productivity of personnel and achieving department objectives within budget.
  • Supervises record keeping procedures for the purpose of personnel processes are in compliance with School, provincial, national and accreditor requirements. 
  • Creates orientation and acclimatization processes for the purpose of ensuring newly hired teachers and staff receive support and orientation to School culture, practices and policies. 
  • Participates in meetings, workshops and seminars for the purpose of conveying and/or gathering information required to perform functions.
  • Production of employee handbooks, newsletter, mailings for the purpose of ensuring accurate, timely communication on personnel related topics occurs on an on-going basis. 

Reports to the Principal


  •  BA/BSc minimum; Masters degree in job related area preferred. 
  • Minimum 3-years experience in HR 
  • Proficient in Chinese and English language 
  • Willingness to undergo Fingerprint/Background Clearance


  • planning and managing projects
  • preparing and maintaining accurate records using pertinent software applications 
  • Performing advanced math; reviewing and interpreting technical information
  • Writing technical materials, and/or speak persuasively to implement desired actions
  • adapting to changing work priorities and meeting deadlines establishing effective relationships across departments and with individuals 
  • Maintaining confidentiality
  • Proficiency in excel and HR software programs, pertinent codes, policies, regulations and/or laws, working knowledge of school system, human resource practices/regulations. 
  • Ability to work with diverse individuals and/or groups; work with data of varied types and/or purposes; and utilize a variety of types of job-related equipment. 
  • Independent problem solving is required to analyze issues and create action plans.  
  • Accuracy and attention to detail

To Apply

  •  Interested candidates should submit both a cover letter and current resume to: jmartin@concordiainternational.org
  • Your cover letter should include the strengths the candidate feels qualify him/her for the position. 

Qualified applicants will be contacted regarding the next steps to follow for consideration.

Please note that the interview process may include a video interview Skype or WeChat depending on location.

Any applicants from within China must show official proof of permission to work in China