Open Positions

Administrative Assistant to the Principal

Under the supervision of the Principal, the Administrative Assistant to the Principal provides support to the principal in a wide range of office and school operations; coordinates and organizes office activities and coordinates flow of communications and information for the Principal; provides support by planning, organizing, supervising and participating in the school office administrative operation; maintains confidentiality of sensitive and personal information; prepares and maintains a variety of records and reports related to assigned activities. 

IT Director

The IT Director will establish a bold vision for Concordia International School Ningbo, to be a leader in educational and administrative technology, with a focus on classroom-based applications that support assessment and instruction. 

The IT Director sets up and provides the technology infrastructure necessary to support staff in improving instructional outcomes, teacher effectiveness, administrative leadership, record keeping, data analysis, and school communication with internal and external audiences. 

The role supports school administrators in making informed decisions about hardware and software for administrative purposes and in using the technology infrastructure to the greatest advantage to achieve the schools’ mission and vision. 

The IT Director is responsible for the set-up and integration of cost-effective applications of technological hardware and software into all aspects of the teaching-learning process, with an emphasis on the use of instructional technology as a means of accelerating, deepening, and expanding student achievement.  re your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.

HR Director

The Human Resource Director reports to the principal and is responsible for planning, implementing, directing and maintaining the School's personnel services; serving as a resource, and maintaining staffing to ensure that personnel functions conform to accreditor and provincial and national requirements. 

The HR Director acts as an advisor to administrators, managers and supervisors on issues related to employee discipline and employment for the purpose of ensuring consistent application of policy. You will administer a wide variety of personnel policies and programs (e.g. orientation, contracts, compensation schedule, etc.) for the purpose of conforming to School policies, relevant laws, contracts and agreements. You will maintain and administer professional association agreements for the purpose of ensuring personnel practices are in compliance. 

Admissions Director

The Admissions Director will lead our admissions department as we develop, define, and conduct our admissions process and promote our school to prospective students and their guardians. 

The Admissions Director will help establish and update our procedures and criteria, work with potential students’ families and guardian to determine their student eligibility, and oversee the admissions process; evaluating applications and issuing decisions. You will also plan and oversee promotional activities and schedule or conduct tours, student interviews, and information sessions.

The Admissions Director, is committed to promoting our school and attracting mission appropriate students. This role requires the ability to engage others, be highly organized, and possess analytical with exceptional communication skills.

Marketing Director

The Marketing Director is responsible for designing and implementing a marketing plan that aligns with the school mission to achieve the school’s enrollment goal. The primary objective of The Marketing Director is to create and communicate a compelling story about Concordia International School Ningbo. This message should lead to increased admissions applications.  He/she works in close collaboration with the Director of Admissions, as well as all school leadership, to monitor and shape the school brand within Ningbo and beyond. The Marketing Director increases the visibility of Concordia International School Ningbo, advances its brand, and articulates clear messaging to internal and external stakeholders.  The Marketing Director will oversee and actively participate in the creation, design, budget and production of regularly produced events and all school publications.  Additionally, the Director will coordinate all advertising, publicity, and public relations and serve as the school’s spokesperson when so designated by the Principal.